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Quality Control

Quality Control Systems & Procedures

  • JFS only engages a contractor that has the specific skill to undertake each trade. We vet all our Gib stopping, plastering and painting professionals to the highest standard.
  • JFS ensure all contractors are Site Safe Members. Site Safe is a not for profit organisation offering health and safety resources tailored for our painting, Gib stopping and insulation contractors.
  • JFS takes ultimate responsibility for the work undertaken and all jobs are required to be signed off by Paul Fallon as a director of the company.
  • Checks are completed post sanding to ensure the appropriate level is finished, a second check is utilised on all painting projects after the undercoat and a final check after the painting system is complete.
  • Colours and systems are thoroughly discussed with clients to ensure everyone is happy and there are no surprises.
  • Specifications are adhered to and solutions are provided if we feel there is a better system than the one specified.
  • We have regular “toolbox” meetings for each job.

JFS have a strong track record of providing quality Gib stopping, Gib fixing, painting and insulation solutions, with strong repeat and ongoing business relationships.